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    ChefsChoice M21 Hybrid Knife Sharpener Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening, 2-Stage, White

    Price:  $35.40

    EdgeCraft Hybrid 21 Knife Sharpener sharpens both serrated and straight - edge blades!

    Using 100% diamond abrasives, Edgecraft's Hybrid 21 sharpens kitchen knives, pocket knives and fillet blades! Combines electric and manual Criss-CrossTM sharpening technology... the 2-stage process takes just seconds! The stage 1 electric sharpener creates the first bevel, then in stage 2 you manually hone the blades with micron-size diamonds that create a second bevel for a burr-free, super-sharp edge.

    • Sharpens, straightens and aligns teeth on serrated blades to create microblades along prominent teeth
    • Can sharpen in stage 2 without power.
    • Measures 7 1/ 2 x 3 x 3"h. Weighs 2 lbs., 2 ozs.

    Dimensions: 7. 5" x 3. 25" x 3. 63". Non-slip base. Crisscross sharpening technology. Two stage sharpening provides an arch-shaped edge that is strong and durable. Uses 100% diamond abrasives in Stages 1 and 2. Can resharpen in Stage 2 without power. Sharpens straight edge and serrated knives. Ideal for kitchen and household knives, sports knives and pocket knives. White housing with black trim. Assembled in the USA. Hang packaged.

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